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We can sell most of the "A" brands immediately from our stocks all over the world. Other products are available upon request and availability. Please send all inquiries and offers by e-mail or contact us by phone or fax.


Philip Morris Products Inc.

Philip Morris Products

Marlboro King Size Flip Top Box
Marlboro Flip Top Box
Marlboro Red
Marlboro Soft Pack
Marlboro 100's Box
Marlboro 100's Soft Pack
Marlboro 100's Lights Box
Marlboro 100's Lights Soft Pack

Marlboro Lights Flip Top Box
Marlboro Lights Flip Top Box white filter
Marlboro Lights Soft Pack
Marlboro Lights Soft Pack white filter
Marlboro Menthol Flip Top Box
Marlboro Medium Box

Muratti Ambassador Box
Merit Box
Merit Lights Box
Benson & Hedges USA Box
Benson & Hedges USA Lights Box
Benson & Hedges USA 100's
Chesterfield Box

Parliament Lights
Parliament 100's soft pack
Philip Morris Ultralights
Virginia Slims

B.A.T. / Rothmans

B.A.T. / Rothmans products

State Express 555 Filter Kings
State Express 555 Lights
State Express 555 International Box
State Express 555 100's Box
Benson & Hedges
Benson & Hedges Lights KSF
Benson & Hedges Extra Mild 25's
Benson & Hedges Lights
Benson & Hedges Lights 100's
Benson & Hedges Luxury Mild
Benson & Hedges Special Filter
Benson & Hedges Special Filter 100's
Benson & Hedges Ultra Mild
Ardath Mild 100's
Barclay Menthol
HB 100
HB King Size Filter
HB Lights
HB Superlong 100
John Player Special KSF
John Player Special International
John Player Special 100's
John Player Special Mild
Kim Menthol Filter
Kim Slim Size Filter
Kim Super Lights
Kim Ultra Slim Filter
Pall Mall Full Flavour
Pall Mall Lights
Pall Mall Lights Menthol
Rothmans 100's
Rothmans International
Rothmans King Size Filter
Rothmans King Size Special
Rothmans Leggera
Rothmans Lights
Rothmans Royals 120's
Rothmans Royals Virginia Filter
Rothmans Royals Virginia Lights
Rothmans Superleggera
Rothmans Superslims Lights
Dunhill International
Dunhill International Lights
Dunhill International Menthol
Dunhill International Superior Mild
Dunhill King Size Filter
Dunhill Lights
Dunhill Lights Menthol
Dunhill Special Reserve
Dunhill Ultimate Lights
Cartier Luxury Mild
Cartier Luxury Menthol Mild
Cartier Vendome Luxury Lights
Cartier Vendome Luxury Menthol Lights
Cartier Vendome Luxury Ultra Lights
Craven 'A' Filter King Size
Craven 'A' Plain Tipped
Golden American King Size Filter
Golden American Lights

Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike Non-Filter
Lucky Strike Lights
Peter Stuyvesant King Size Extra Lights
Peter Stuyvesant King Size Filter
Peter Stuyvesant King Size Menthol
Peter Stuyvesant King Size Ultra Lights
Peter Stuyvesant Luxury Length
Peter Stuyvesant Luxury Length Extra Light
St. Moritz Gold Band Menthol
St. Moritz Super Length Menthol 120's
St. Moritz Super Length 120's
Vogue Superslims
Vogue Superslims Menthol
Winfield Luxury Length

Imperial Tobacco Intl.

Imperial Tobacco products

Regal King Size
Regal King Size Mild
Superkings 84mm
Superkings Asia D/F pack
Superkings Lights
Superkings Menthol
Superkings Ultra Lights
Lambert & Butler 100's
Lambert & Butler King Size
Lambert & Butler King Size Lights
Embassy Mild
Embassy Number One

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco

R.J. Reynolds products

Winston Box
Winston Crush Proof Box
Winston King Size Soft Pack
Winston Lights Box
Winston Eagle
Winston One
Camel Filters Box
Camel Filters Soft Pack
Camel Non-Filter Soft Pack
Camel Lights Box
Camel Lights King Size
Camel 100's
Camel 100's Box

Camel Medium Box
Salem Box
Salem Soft Pack
Salem Lights Kingsize
Salem 100's

More 120's Menthol
More 120's Regular
More 120's Lights
Gold Coast Filter Box
Gold Coast Filter King Size

Chinese brands

Chinese brands

Hongtashan cigarettes
Double Hapiness cigarettes
Chung Hwa cigarettes
Ashima cigarettes
YunYan cigarettes

Other cigarette brands

Other brands

Assos International
Davidoff Classic
Davidoff Classic Slims
Davidoff Lights
Davidoff Lights Slims
Davidoff Magnum
Davidoff Magnum Mild

Gauloises Blondes
Gauloises Extra Lights
Gauloises Filter
Hollywood Box (made in EEC)
Hollywood Box (made in Brasil)
Kent 100's
Kent Lights

Kool Menthol
Krone Filter
Lord Extra 100
Lord Extra King Size Filter
Lord Ultra 100
MS International
Mild Seven
Mild Seven International
Mild Seven Lights
Mild Seven Super Lights
Prince KS
Prince Light
Reemtsma R1
Reemtsma R6
Seven Stars
Silk Cut 100's
Silk Cut Extra Mild
Silk Cut King Size
Silk Cut Menthol
Silk Cut Ultra
Silk Cut Ultra Mild
Tekel 2000
West King Size
West Lights

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